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Welcoming the Summer Solstice


Welcoming the Summer Solstice

amanda oler


As the sun peaks over and the days get longer, I gladly welcome the warmth of lighter living. With Summer Solstice, we can all feel a shift in energy.   And with those shifts, I feel the inspiration to embrace my yearly summer rituals.

I personally feel that life shifts from inside to outside.  

I first like to tackle the house.  So much of our life exists between the moments of sunset and sunrise.  I first thank winter for its flannel sheets, dark nights and heavy stews.  But then I like to peel back the winter layers, and invite the sun in.   I fold heavy linens, put away coats and sweaters.  I give them a quick farewell, and stow them for the brief season.

I redress the bedrooms with fresh light linens and and dust the fresh summer layers with my signature organic linen spray to help ease into sleep.


As summer arrives, there is a loss of structure.  We invite in summer rituals of celebratory milestones: graduations, weddings and gatherings that fit perfectly into the warmer days and long nights. Fun seems to take priority and schedules fall to the side.  Deadlines and homework are replaced with beach days and time with the ocean.

My son in particular is always outside.  Whether it be a long day at the beach or longer days in the sun playing baseball.  When I see the demands on my skin change with the warmer days, I like to use Simpler’s Lavender Hydrosol - great for skin too long in the sun - or sunburns and sun exposure.  I use it all day long, spray it, spray it, spray it.

If my kids or I get too much sun, I will mix aloe gel (I get mine at Mountain Rose Herbs -find it here) with a few drops of lavender essential oil and a few drops of peppermint oil along with Helichrysum.

With later bedtimes, we find ourselves gathering spontaneously.  Pulling together meals from the farmers market when available .  Leafy salads with fresh fruits.  My family especially loves an easy dinner of anti-pasto foods, and my cashews (see recipe below). They’re greek like me. 


And while we celebrate, I love collaborating with my 20 year old daughter on a summer mix that incorporates equal parts old and eclectic new music that keeps me feeling way cooler than I am. You can find it here.

But as bedtimes and circadian rhythms start to misfire, the best thing I’ve found is my herbal sun tea.  A day in the hot sun, and then poured over ice will calm the soul and get you ready for  a peaceful summer slumber.  I invite you to try it. (see recipe below) 

Welcoming the Summer Solstice is one of the most magical things to experience .  I hope these suggestions help you enjoy the spontaneity and relax in peace.



Cashew Recipe:  Toss in olive oil oregano, thyme, salt and lemon zest. Toast on an iron skillet.

Tea Recipe:  Two parts lemon balm to one part skullcap and one part lavender. Steep in sun all day.